Proper "Free Time" marking support

• Jul 22, 2020 - 21:15

I would really like to see actual support for free time markings such as "X" that the actually let's you enter notes freely. I know you can already achieve this with the symbols from the master pallet but working with symbols is very tedious especially if you want to have the marking before layouting for print.

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Can you show examples of what you mean in published music? I'm more accustomed to simply seeing no time signature at all than seeing any special symbol. In time signature properties you can see the symbols we do support, if there is some sort of standard out there to justify adding new ones that could certainly be considered.

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No, those are more for Renaissance music (mensural notation). But this would
Be the logical place to add new symbols. That is assuming the SMuFL standard provides for them. I do see an “X” glyph listed as “Open time signature”., but also a curved line listed as a Penderecki variation.

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