3.5 Crashes at Every start since the upgrade

• Aug 9, 2020 - 22:09

Muse Score starts to open. Then I get a box which states, "The previous session quit unexpectedly. Restore session?" Pressing either Yes or No opens a seemingly blank DOS crash window and a MuseScore Crash Reporter window.

Is there a way that I can install the previous version, instead of 3.5?


It's certainly possible, but it's also more likely the problem is with a score on your system that MuseScore is trying to display in the Start Center. I'd recommend doing a "revert to factory settings as described in the Handbook. Or try starting MuseScore by double-clicking a specific score rather than using the program icon.

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Yesterday I did not have a problem with 3.5 when using keyboard shortcut for palletes. I didn't try the view menu.
Today, with 3.5 on new and old scores, I cannot open palettes, neither using view menu or keyboard shortcut F9. Musescore shuts down/off immediately. I can get the master palette, both with view menu and keyboard shortcut.
Looking forward to all the new stuff in 3.5.

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It seems the "breath" is the culprit in this NAF palette.
Load it in version 2: works fine
Remove the "breath", save the "new" palette, and load in 3.5, seems good too.
And now, my 3.5 is down!

EDIT: confirmed for the breath (the culprit, well, at least for this specific palette)
After recover my 3.5, the 'new' palette (ie after removal Breath symbol) is now harmless: NAF minus Breath.mpal

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