No repeats?

• Aug 18, 2020 - 04:01

I have repeats indicated in a transcription of mine and for some reason, the repeats are just not happening. I have "play repeats" turned on, but the software is just not playing the repeats. This is happening on PC, FYI.

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.Journey to Oz (Bows).mscz, 33.89 KB


I have the same problem with updated v3..5.0.13199 (PC version). On playback Repeats and Panning not working correctly. When the attached file is first opened in Musescore it correctly repeats, but the Panning does not go back to the repeat, it just continues on the score and the playback is repeating. On subsequent playback of the open file, the Repeat button is activated but when playback commences deactivates and simply continues playing, ignoring the repeat markers.

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The issue I pointed say the programmers are aware of repeats not working in continuous view. If you switch from page view to continuous view, repeats will stop working when you switch back to page view also. In this case you can click the play repeats button twice (to turn it off then back on) for page view only.

It will be fixed in version 3.5.1 when that gets released. The programmers are working on some other bugs as well and then it will be released.

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