Ornaments: Turns

• Aug 20, 2020 - 00:20

I think this has been reported before, most likely: no option for turns in the midst of two notes. I have to set that up manually. That is intolerable in the world of sheet music notation.


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The interpretations of the different ornaments was not universal in the early days, which is why Bach made his ornament table (see http://www.pennuto.com/music/jsb_ornm.htm for an example) and included it in some of his works.

One variation I'm aware of is that trill notes were played in the opposite order of what is standard today in some music. I'm not real familiar with the ornaments from Baroque music but I am aware that inconsistencies did exist from one composer/performer to another. I'm far more familiar with music from the Classical and Romantic eras.

I would hope the programmers would talk to BSG about these.

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