Turn & Inverted turn between 2 notes

• Jul 28, 2017 - 22:04
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The gruppetto is placed by default above a note but it does not seem to have a way of placing it between 2 notes otherwise than moving it horizontally.
Would it be possible to get this by selecting the 2 notes and double-clicking on the palette icon or by dragging it between the 2 notes ?
My request is based on the fact that the effect obtained is different if the ornament is above a note or between 2.
Gruppetto 1.png

However, the way in which the effect of the ornament is made is rather vague (classical, baroque, modern, varying with the context - rhythm, tempo, etc ...) my query concerns only the positioning of the ornament between 2 notes, his performance being only a bonus. 

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There is no way to automatically place an ornament between two notes. Articulations and ornaments are set for a single note.

If someone were to implement it, it would need to be what ever a glissando is to keep it centered between notes, or possibly even a new category of ornament since you would want them at a fixed position above the staff.

Agreed. In principle this should be doable. I'd have known how to do it for 2.x, but much fo the 3.0 layout code is still a mystery to me, and still a work in progress anyhow.

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As a workaround, I manually place the grupetto / turn between those two notes, mark the notes as "don't play" (Inspector Panel -- F8 on Windows), add a second voice and add the notes the way it should be performed. Then I make this second voice invisible (piece by piece) and adjust the stems directions. It's a lot of steps and it breaks the placement if the page formatting is changed, but it is doable. I hope someday MuseScore has this grupetto / turn between two notes placed and performed automatically.