Transposing a song written for Alto Sax to piano

• Sep 6, 2020 - 06:20

Hello! Attached is a beginner's attempt at transposing a song, in this case a song written for alto sax to piano.

  1. I am not sure I did it correctly; would someone be willing to check my transposition and

  2. In order to have it play back in piano (once I transposed it), I copied and pasted it to a new score, not being able to figure out, from reading the handbook, how else to do it. Is there a way, after I transposed it, to change the instrument from alto sax to piano without first having to copy and paste it to a new score? Fortunately the default in a new score is piano and it did playback in piano.

Thank you.


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Thank you for trying, Shoichi. I tried your most appreciated suggestion but deleting the sax deletes everything else as well and it does not allow for the lead sheet format.

Hopefully, someone will be able to answer my first question (i.e., whether my transposition correct); it is no problem just cutting the alto sax voice and pasting it into a new score which has piano as a default and allows for lead sheet format.

Thanks again. Ciao.

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Thank you, Jojo.

Your above attachment looks identical to my previous PDF attachment (which was a copy of a score taken from a book written for alto sax). "Newhart in Alto Sax written in MS 3.mscz" was the Musescore 3 version of the PDF. The other MS 3 attachment entitled "Newhart transposed from alto sax to piano" I wrote in Eb modulating to F, thinking the piano key needed to be raised 3 semitones higher. Given it looks quite different from my PDF and your attachment what then is happening in my "Newhart transposed from alto sax to piano?"

Thank you.

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Let MuseScore do it for you. Enter the sax score, right click the sax staff, choose change instruments, select the Alto Sax, click OK and it's done. If you want to know for info purposes the transposition from piano to alto sax is down a major 6th.

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We both changed the keys to Eb and F (when I toggled to concert pitch) but the pitches for piano seem to be a half step lower in your transposed score. I would like to understand if you, or someone else, would be willing to explain to me the difference between mine and your transposition and/or provide instructions on what I should have done. I watched a video on transposing from alto sax to piano and it said to raise the alto sax score a minor 3rd, which is what I asked Musecore to do; please help me understand what I did incorrectly and what I should have done.

Thank you.

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