Playback of Chord Symbols with Inversions

• Sep 17, 2020 - 04:43

I've been using MuseScore for more than 5 years and I have just recently discovered that Chord Symbols could be displayed. I was just wondering why Chord inversions (see attached) don't have a playback. Is there any way to enable this?
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The Bm/F# should playback but might need to get spelled Bbm/F# though, or using German spelling for Chord symbols.
The /F# won't though. MuseScore doesn't "remember" that is is supposed to be a D9/F#

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This is not German chord names. The OP means Hm/F# in german spelling, :-).

Just a note on what this notation means. I think it means different things to differnt people. For the OP it means an inversion where the chord should be played F#, D, B (from bottom to top), but others, like me, it only means that you should play a regular Bm with any inversion you want, as long as you have an F# in the bass (left hand on a piano perhaps, or a bass player)

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I have never heard of C/E as meaning a forced e g c
Only as any appropriate C chord realisation (taking into account previous/next chord, melody, ...) as long as the bass is E
There are ways to notate e g c of course (6) but that's another type of notation.
But my knowledge is limited to a small part of the world.

@Dion Abella
innanzitutto scusami se non parlo inglese.
Con MuseScore "si può fare"...
Guarda l'allegato; rendendo visibili gli oggetti, capirai come ho fatto.
Fammi sapere.
Buona musica

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