Musescore 2 to Musescore 3

• Oct 2, 2020 - 11:16

I have 3 questions.

  1. Will there be a fix to the stacking accent marks any time soon for 16th notes or close together notes in general?

  2. I write mainly percussion (Drumline) music and I've yet to see a solid conversion of my files from Version v2.3.2 to v3.5., will there be any improvements made to 2.3.2 to v3.5 much file conversions?

  3. Is there a way to get Musescore 2 sound fonts embedded into Musescore 3? and by that, I mean having them in the list selection and not constantly switching default selections in the synthesizer
    (1 of these 2 sounds are apart of a pack & load in fine) Is loading them through the synthesizer the only way to bring them over, and if so how would I go about doing this?

I see there's been plenty of improvement from the last time I tried out Musescore 3 but I'm still stuck on Musescore 2 for these small reasons and while it still functions relatively okay, I think I'm due for a software upgrade because manipulating these volume knobs for my scores (especially the marching band ones) is getting nerve-wracking and the volume value input feature, among many others, are looking really appealing right about now.


  1. What problem exactly?
  2. MDL between those 2 major versions seems largely incompatible to one another. As far as I know an updated MDL is in the works or at least being planned for, but I highly doubt that would fix this incompatibility.
  3. That works ever since, just load those MuseScore 2 soundfonts in MuseScore 3.

For 1) I guess you mean the fact that if you try to put accents too close together, the autoplace algorithm tries to avoid the collisions by moving the up vertically? There is no imminent change planned that I am aware of, but the solutions are pretty simple - either space you music a little more, or disable autoplace for the accent marks.

For 2), it's not clear what is "liquid" :-) about your conversions, you'd need to attach a specific score you are having trouble with so we can understand and assist better. In general, manual adjustments made to workaround limitations and bugs in MuseScore 2 that have been fixed in MsueScore 3 will indeed need some revisiting, but in general most things should important pretty well.

3) There is no such thing as a "MuseScore 2 soundfont" vs a MuseScore 3 sound font. Soundfonts are soundfonts. If you have a soundfont you use with MuseScore 2, you are certainly welcome to use it with MsueScore 3in precisely the some same way. Nothing in particular has changed about that process - the Synthesizer is the key just as it was in MuseScore 2. Not sure what you mean about "constantly switching default selections". If that's something you felt compelled to do in MuseScore 2, I guess you'd probably feel the some in MuseScore 3 because again nothing much has changed about the process. But if you're thinking somehow MuseScore 3 would be forcing you to do something you didn't have to do in MuseScore 2, you'd need to explain in more detail what you mean and what gave you that impression.

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Thank you for responding so promptly, I really do appreciate that.

I should be able to use those workarounds and probably just stop converting them all together and start writing my scores through Musescore 3. Although for my last point I meant that this SoundFont isn't from an outside source, one of them is a pack that loads into the synthesizer perfectly fine. The other SoundFont in question was the pre mdl "Marching Cymbals" SoundFont from musescore 2 is what I'd like to use in Musescore 3, it sounds very muffled in the current version, and some of the sounds it used to have changed.

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I guess if you are saying you hear a difference in the sound of some given soundfont, then a link to the soundfont you are having trouble with would be more useful. Thousands upon thousands of bugs have been fixed since MuseScore 2, it's possible that MuseScore 2 was actually playing the soundfont incorrectly (too bright, perhaps) and now you're finally hearing it as it was meant to be all along. Or something else might be going on.

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