How To Change Entered Notes

• Oct 18, 2020 - 16:12

1) When I increase the rhythmic value of a note a rest sign comes up.
How can I delete this rest sign or enter note over it? (I don't want to enter all of those notes right of it again.)

2) How can I put accidental of a entered note?


1) When you increase the duration of a note the following affected notes or rests are adjusted to make room for the note in the measure. MuseScore keeps the number of beats in the measure indicated by the time signature unless you do something to override this, increasing a duration does not override this. I don't think you want to add beats to the measure so perhaps you can explain what you want to happen and someone can tell you how to do that.

2) Either select the accidental on the toolbar before you enter the note, or click the accidental in the Accidentals palette after you enter the note (these methods work in note input mode). If you are no longer in note input mode, click the note then the accidental in the toolbar or palette.

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Right now I assume the measure has the proper number of beats,. If you delete the rest, it will have too few beats. if that's really what you want, you can certainly do it - Ctrl+Deleter will gladly remove beats from a measure, leaving with notation that probably doesn't make musical, sense. Almost certainly, you really want to keep to proper number of beats in the measure, meaning you don't want to delete the rest, you simply want to replace it with sound. So simply enter those notes. If you already entered them somewhere else in you score, cut/paste will gladly put them where you want them instead.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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