Can't replace triplets with two notes.

• Jun 9, 2020 - 04:15

In the attached score, I had three eighth note triplets occurring on the 4th beat of the first measure. I want to replace them with two eighth notes. After I delete the triplets, I have three eighth note triplet rests. If I highlight the first rest and try to enter an eighth note, I get another eighth note triplet. How do I make Musescore forget that there were triplets there, so I can enter two eighth notes?

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Steven, have you found a way to do what you asked for? Because highlighting de triplets e hitting delete, leaves a blank space, and there is no way I can't enter notes like that. As if the measure were changed to another time signature.

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You found a bug that was introduced after this post. It's known and should be fixed in 3.6 at the end of the month. In the mean time you will need to select the measure, press delete and reenter the entire measure. When it's fixed you'll once again be able to select the tuplet bracket or number to remove it.

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Right, if you select the measure and press delete it should be restored and you can enter the notes correctly. If it still doesn't allow enough beats, select the measure and use the menu Tools, Exchange voices 1-2, twice and then you'll be able to select the measure, press delete and enter the notes anew. Once 3.6 is released and you upgrade it should work normal again.

If you open a file and immediately delete a tuplet, you may not get the corruption. There are certain actions that will trigger the bug but I'm not sure of every trigger.

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