Online Handbook search queries are sometimes ineffective

• Nov 13, 2020 - 03:00

When I search the handbook for "format style page" I get these results

When searching for "style" I get this

When searching for "format" I get this

Perhaps these are not reasonable search queries?

Fortunately there's the PDF version of the handbook. That works great for me.



By now I pretty much know most chapters and my browser history completes them :)

In the earlier days I just always started from the index page and used browser search in there. When that doesn't work I use the internet search facilities and limit them to the domain; which often gives better results than the in-site search tool.

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> Try ... Google

To this we've already concurred, as a workaround.

I was just pointing out that the's Query field does not function very well. I'd think would want it to proved better results. Are there forum instructions regarding Booleans that would elicit better focused results?

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