How to input this?

• Nov 21, 2020 - 08:23

So, I came across these two parts in a score, these are vibraphone 1 and 2 parts in 3/4. First, how would I read/play this? And second, how would I put something like this into musescore?
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No, that's not- that isn't what I'm asking
Do you see the rhythm? How it's a bar of 3/4 but overflows to beat one of the next measure even though that next measure has a half note and quarter note in it, effectively filling the measure? How do you read it and how would you input it?

Basically, you need to cheat if you want it to look exactly like this. The first measure (bottom) has a different duration to the top and both the second measures have more notes than a 3/4 bar. The rest in the first measure (bottom) is particularly confusing. I can only guess that playback is meant to sound like some sort of tuplet and then the half-notes in the second measures should really be of 15/16 duration.

Right-click 1st Measure, change Bar Duration, Actual to 4/4
Change 2nd measure to 13/16

Enter the notes for the top part
Click on the first note in the 2nd Measure and change its Beaming property

Enter the notes for the bottom part
Measure 1 - cheat by putting the four short (16th) notes into the space of the final quarter beat
Enter an 1/8 rest then the tiny, double-dotted 1/32 rest, make the unwanted ones invisible
Measure 2 - do the beaming thing again for the first note

Alter the X-values of 16th notes in Inspector to space them evenly
Add dynamics and other markings

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Shoichi explained the beaming, the notes in the measure look like a mistake, especially the second instrument. A double dotted 32nd rest followed by 4 16th notes doesn't = 1 beat. The next measure has an extra 16th in it also. It would be interesting and probably quite informative to see more of the score if not all of it.

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