Add page links to top of forums

• Nov 26, 2020 - 01:01

Since MS has changed hands there are many more inquiries posted to the forums.

In addition I no longer have time to check them every day, with the result that I have to go well into the pages of inquiries to read them all.

Once I find where I have left off I then scroll to the bottom of that page and read the teasers from the bottom to the top.

Once I get there I am able to select "mark all as read" (which still doesn't mark them all :) ). Edit: It seems to mark them now, except for updates.

Then I have to scroll down to the bottom to move 1 page forward in time.

It would save quite a lot of scrolling if the page links were duplicated at the top.


EDIT: Conversely the 3-dot "Mark All as Read" function could be duplicated at the bottom.


Ciao, this is just a Bring Up Your Post.
I get email notifications (I use Thunderbird) and I can click on the "reply" link in the email.
I use the My post/Recent Post buttons


Maybe someone will consider your requests?

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