Suggestion: Auto apply "Begin text" for barre chords

• Nov 29, 2020 - 10:24

Use a default text to be substituted by the active fret number.

"0" - substitute as a numeric value
"#" - substitue as a Roman numeral

So, with this default settting:


and the cursor on a fret 5 note,
adding a barre line would do this:



It seems like this would only be useful for tablature - where the fret position (number) is indicated in the TAB, and so the number is readily 'accessible'.

Standard notation doesn't provide such fret number info. which is the very reason why the line is added as additional info. -- to specify the position (that is, what fret to barre when playing that passage, whether comprised of a chord, or a run of single notes).

Another issue relates to auto applying the "active fret number". Normally, a line is applied by clicking the two end points (range select) or Ctrl clicking them (list select), resulting in more than 1 "active" note. So what to do? Use the number from the first note in that selection?
Well, sometimes that first note is not where the bar is fingered:

Just some thoughts...

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Ah! Notation: the bigger picture.

The user could avoid setting the special "0" or "#" triggers if they don't want to use the feature, and when more than one note is active the trigger could be ignored. The first note not being the barre fret is a bit trickier.

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