Voltas - aarrgghh!!

• Nov 29, 2020 - 14:58

An hour and a half later I found out that repeat first and second times are called voltas. That allowed me to finally Google the solution to my original problem which was how to increase the bars in each first/second time section:


Shift+ or Shift- ? Surely it should be possible to drag in Edit mode or even set the bar count in the Inspector?

Hence my suggestion: Volta measures by dragging volta and/or setting measure count in Inspector panel. Please...


For future reference, pressing F1 on any element in your score takes you directly to the relevant documentation :-)

Adding the ability to change endpoints by dragging is certainly possible - we did it for hairpins and some others recently, although it also causes problems for people who just want to adjust the visual appearance. Anyhow, it's something to consider eventually for sure. But for the record, Shift+Left/Right is going to be far faster and more precise (guarantee it aligns exactly with the barline, etc).

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F1, yes that is very useful thanks! I agree that dragging a node around might get messy, but editing the bar (measure) span in the Inspector would be a good thing to add. Having used the now excellent Musescore 3 for a few months now, the Inspector tends to be the first place I look if clicking and dragging doesn't work.

Also, from the docs, selecting multiple bars and then clicking the volta icon in the pallete also works. Makes sense really ;-)


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