End music barline (Bold double line) does not stop auto-play there.

• Dec 2, 2020 - 00:50

I have a score which has the "end of music" bold double bar line in the middle of the score. This is because the music is meant to repeat after it reaches the end of the score, plays the first parts of it and ends at the "end of music" bar line. I also added "D.S. al Fine" at the end of the music and "Fine" at the bold double bar line but it has no effect to end the auto-play there. I could move the bar with the end of the music bar line to the end part of the score and insert a vertical frame, too. But that would make it hard to see the structure of the music and I don't want to do so. Am I mistaken or missing some setting that the auto-play does not stop there? As it is, as a printed out score, it does not matter. It would be understood. But, it just puzzles me.


On the D.S., which would be the fourth time through the score, volta 3 is never played so the fine is not reached but rather skipped over.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply and the hint. I saw some people using the repeat bars and D.S. etc. this way (i.e., using them together as if Segno/D.S. al Fine were just supplementary texts to the repeat marks). It never worked with auto-play and that was against what I learned in school, in fact. But, I was confused thinking that it may be the way. However, now I know that they shouldn't be mixed together. They have two different purposes. Now I made changes and now the auto-play works properly! Thanks again.

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