Fretboard diagrams - multiple dots - open string

• Dec 2, 2020 - 06:43

As of version 3.5.2, there is no way to combine Open String and Multiple Dots in Fretboard Diagram.
This use case falls under the same criteria as multiple dots for fretted strings: for either sequential playing or alternative fingerings.
This can be achieved if the Open String symbol "O" was treated the same way as a regular (fretted) dot, when it is applied with Ctrl. Currently, when Open String is applied (with or without Ctrl), any fretted dots are automatically removed.


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Hopefully the formal request will expedite implementation.

I also use such diagrams for scale/shape fragments to help visualize and instantly recall the notes in a bar or phrase. Sort of a cheat sheet, but very helpful to remember pieces quickly especially after some time.

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