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• Dec 3, 2020 - 00:01

I'm not sure if this is technically a bug, but I have a question about using Loom with MuseScore. Loom is a screen sharing app mostly used by teachers and those needing to demonstrate navigating apps and programs, etc. on your computer desktop. What I'm trying to do is share my MuseScore screen while having the Piano Keyboard showing. I'd like to be able to show intervals, play them, and talk about them - all of which Loom should capture into a file I can then share with my students.

I have success when showing my score and toggling note entry on and off. Loom captures my mic audio along with the MIDI audio. But...and this is what I need help with, when I bring the Piano Keyboard up, Loom stops capturing the MIDI audio. To be clear, I can still hear it live, but the Loom recording doesn't have the MIDI audio.

Am I missing something? What is it about having the Piano Keyboard up that prevents MIDI audio from being captured? I'm hoping there's a setting somewhere (Preferences?) that I can switch on. But, maybe this is an issue with Loom.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! - Ponder East, Austin, TX

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Unless you have your capturing device actually set as a MIDI slave and it synthesizes audio itself (which would work regardless of the piano keyboard being shown), you're likely just talking about "audio" itself. MIDI isn't audio.

From your screenshot it show the piano window as a floating window. My guess is that your software only captures audio from the active window; and the audio is not generated by the piano window, but by the MuseScore window.
Try docking the piano keyboard to be non-floating to see if that helps.

Or look into having your software capture all audio from your PC, and not just from the active window.

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