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• Dec 30, 2020 - 23:36

I noticed that some of the errors in the previous handbook were corrected in the current one; however, there are still a number of errors (mostly typo-like) in this one. So I have two questions:
a. Is this the correct forum, or should it be "report a bug"?
b. What would be the best way to present the errors
1) List them in a post (pg # and line)
2) Listed in a [word] document
3) Shown with a number of screenshots
4) Some other way?


Fix the typos in the handbook yourself. Click the 3 dots next to the page title. If you mess it up too bad certain people can undo it.

As mike mentioned, the online handbook is a wiki-style thing that any user can edit/correct/amend as they see fit. So just dive in and correct them.
When you're in doubt, feel free to open a post to discuss the change you're wanting to make.

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Okay, got a lot of things fixed; however, there remains a number of items that it would not be feasible to try to fix this way, without navigating to a Page Number. --Maybe a project for the "certain people" that Mike mentioned:
Then again, it may not be considered a serious enough issue to address. The problem is this:
There are hundreds of instances of the terms "right-click" & "left-click." But there are 22 instances of "right click" and "left click" (without "-") If anyone is able and willing to fix these (for consistency's sake), I'll provide the page numbers.

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One of those certain people is Jojo. I've seen him quickly go through and find and fix several inconsistencies in a short time. I'm not sure if it's because MuseScore made him special, he's just fast or he has a utility that makes it fast.

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