Fingering on grace notes changes size.

• Jan 14, 2021 - 20:53

Is this new? This doesn't follow any music engraving convention I know of. They used to work fine, but now the numbers are so small they are unreadable. Also, I've always thought the spacing between notes where the stems go in opposite directions is too tight (last grace up, quarter note down, in this example). Is there a way to globally adjust the spacing in instances identical to this?

Thanks in advance!


Is this using 3.5? In which case, it's not new, it's old - 3.6 was just released a few hours ago :-). This was indeed a new feature of 3.5, but it has been changed back for 3.6.

FWIW, yes, sometimes you do want small notes to have small markings - think cue notes etc. Other times, though, you might still want full size marking. For 3.5 we changed it so most other markings do scale with the note, but for 3.6 we excluded fingerings from the list.

As for spacing, it's the same spacing as for regular notes, but, again, scaled according to note size. You can customize this in Format / Style / Measure / Minimum note distance.

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