Remove clef, but do not move notes.

• Jan 22, 2021 - 17:05

Dear MuseScore community.
I have been trying out the “world of” music-xml. Scanning scores and importing into Musescore.
As expected, lot of editing needs to be done.
One “issue”, however, could perhaps (?) be solved by a MuseScore “feature”:
The situation is as follows:
ALL notes/ chords are correctly placed by the scanning software, BUT the scanning software for some reason inserted the wrong clef, typically a bass clef, in the score. Perhaps because of noise/lyrics or whatever.
When I remove that clef, all the notes/chords are moved accordingly (typically to a treble clef). And then I have to move notes / change accidentals etc. etc.
It would be convenient if I could have an option remove that clef and keep the notes / chords “in place”!


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Well, with all respect, I disagree. With multippel «correct» note/ chord measures with only a clef to «ruin» the import, it would be welcomed to say, press “Shift-Delete” to a clef symbol, and the clef goes away, and the notes/chords stays in place. I a not sure it’s even a difficult programming task.

Well, technically you don't delete a clef but apply the default one.

So what you're asking for is some kind of method that says, apply this clef and transpose in a single action?

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Hi and thanks for feedback. Yes, I think you are pretty accurate in you description. Change to a new clef and transpose in "one go".
I have attached an example to show what I am talking about.
The situation happens quite frequently when I use my XML-sw. to scan scores and enter them into MuseScore.
I might do some research on the XML-text "up-front" with an editor. This to see if things can be improved with simple text search/replace" in the XML-file.

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