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• Jan 26, 2021 - 14:55

I'm currently transcribing a piece that has measures with lots of notes, but there is a point when they get off the page and I can't seem to find a way to break them into a different line. Is there a way to break a single measure this long into several lines (systems)? There is no way to write this in less notes...

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You need wider paper, narrower page borders or... a smaller scaling value. All on Format > Page settings
Or need to split the measures, which is in Tools > Measure >

You can try decreasing the staff spacing under Page Settings, or changing your paper size so it fits. I've never seen music that splits a measure across multiple lines, that seems like it would be rather confusing to read. Otherwise you will have to change your time signature so each of those big measures is split up into multiple smaller measures. Edit: Ack, duplicate comment again.

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Splitting measures onto different systems is by no means unknown, particularly with cadenzas which can be very, very long (tediously long in some cases). I just looked at my copy of the Nielsen Clarinet Concerto. That has a cadenza (measure no. 528) that covers 6 systems. But I have seen such splits used in "standard" measures in other pieces where the music gets particularly busy.

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TIL. If you want to get a little hacky, you could probably change the piece to use a shorter time signature, then change the display text to make it look like the full time signature, hiding the extra time signatures as needed. Not the most elegant solution but with a little time you could probably get it to work.

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