Musescore (all versions) freezes constantly while typing and/or saving - sudden issue

• Jan 31, 2021 - 07:04

Hi, just a couple of days ago, my Musescore started freezing and crashing in under a minute of starting work (not the startup issue people talk about). I have read all the relevant FAQs, tried the workarounds. Same thing. I have Windows 10 - could it be something incompatible with a Windows update? What I have tried:

rebooting Musescore
rebooting computer (fast & reliable desktop)
uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Musescore
installing an older version (3.5)
creating new docs and opening old docs

Please help! I am not able to work in it at all.


Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem? Could be some specific action you are taking that is triggering a bug. Or it could be some other process on your computer interfering.

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Hi Marc, it started when I was typing up a chord progression, just chords and no melody. I was typing a few notes and saving frequently. I remember changing the time sig and having to undo a bunch of ties and redo durations using the number pad and keyboard shortcuts. After that it froze and kept freezing in all documents. This is how I've always done it and never any problem. No recently installed programs that weren't there before the freeze issue. I've asked all my musician friends, and none of them have had this issue. My computer is pretty new, fast and all. Other software I have is the Adobe Cloud Suite which often runs in the background and delays things, but I had made sure to kill it to test Musescore this time.

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OK, well, if you ever find precise steps we can follow to reproduce the problem, do let us know. But I'm guessing it really is some sort of conflict with something else on your computer causing the problem some background process suddenly starting up and hogging the CPU or a device interface or something.

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Hi Marc & everyone,

I thought this might be useful info. After another long Windows 10 update just 2 days ago, Musescore started freezing again. I opened a new doc today to type up 10 measures of Pink Panther and can't even get through that. I can try bugging Microsoft about it. Attached score for your reference as it was the first doc I did after the update. Thanks!

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Pink Panther for Izzy.mscz 9.69 KB

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Hi Marc,

Any action with keyboard or mouse freezes it in under 30 sec (any file at all, old, new). I suspected the multiple Adobe background processes, but even after quitting them all, the result is still the same. It works for a few days and then stops...Now it's in the freezing phase again.

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Your file works fine for me. I expected that. I doubt that the trouble is MuseScore.

When things are freezing, open Taskmaster and see what the disk and cpu usage is. If either is near 100%, that's part of the problem.

If it were me, I'd create a second user account nd put MuseScore and a few files in it and see what happens. Each user account is almost completely separate from others. If MuseScore works for a number of days, that tells you there is something wrong with your main account. Using a second account is a standard trouble-shooting tool. It doesn't make much difference how powerful your computer is, things can still clog it up. Things need to be kept cleaned out. Best thing I ever did for my computers was put SSD's in them.

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Update: a new user account didn't change a thing. Still froze and crashed in the same manner. :(
Another windows update came today, and after installing it and restarting, everything works fine again (the loop repeats). A plain restart doesn't affect anything.

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Was It update kb5000802 ?

There's a mixture of stories about this one.
Near as I can tell, this was issued earlier and caused problems with some printers. Also some MuseScore users as well. It may have been pulled. But now it is back. I got it this morning. No problems for me, and seems to have fixed your problem.

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