Orchestra Score Extends Down off of Page

• Feb 6, 2021 - 06:24

I created an orchestra score in MuseScore 3.6 using the Classical Orchestra Template. I then added several more instruments to the score. However, now the score extends down off of the page and disappears; in other words, it is not scaled to fit the page vertically, as seen in the screenshot below.

How can I fix this? I reset all page settings to default, but that did not help, and I couldn't find any style settings related to resetting the vertical scaling.

Any advice would be appreciated, as the score is currently unusable.

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You can also make the score smaller to fit your paper size (few people have A3 printers after all). Go to format / page settings / scaling / staff space. Make that value small enough for your score to fit a page. I do that for most of my scores. I set the value to 1.600. You can still read the music without problems if you print it and put it on a music stand. Plus you have an easier time arranging for doable page turns.

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