Musescore Composition on iPad? Maybe?

• Feb 23, 2021 - 17:15

Bear with me here, because I know I've already asked a similar question, but...
Could it work? Theoretically? To have Musescore - the composition part - as an iPad app? Maybe use the mics on the iPad to pick out pitches or something? Maybe with the Magic Keyboard (or with any keyboard + trackpad), or with the Apple Pencil somehow? It's a personal dream of mine to use an iPad Pro as my main laptop - and to compose on it - so that's why I'm asking. I know there are other music notation apps that work on iPad, but I legitimately believe Musescore is the best... anyway.
To whoever reads this,
have a good day :)


My response to your previous post still stands: sure, conceivably, it's possible, if someday all the necessary tools and libraries we rely on get supported on iOS, or we rewrite the application to not need those, and also re redesign it to be touch-centric. Probably all those things will happen someday. But don't expect it soon; it's an enormous set of undertakings I just described. Years, not months.

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