Please help

• Feb 23, 2021 - 18:54

Every time I open my MuseScore 3 now the application does not respond. I have tried over and over to load the upgrade bit to no avail. Please provide complete instructions for upgrading to the latest version, not by sending me a link because that doesn't work, unless of course, it s a new one. If you cannot help me then I will have to switch to a different application.


"Please provide complete instructions..."
If you want detailed help, then you must help us to understand what we are dealing with. The MuseScore notation software is available for three different operating systems: Windows, Linux and MacOS.
So which OS are you running, and which version of it?

And then we need to know which version of MuseScore you tried to upgrade to, and as @Shoichi asked - where did you download the upgrade from? It would also be helpful to know exactly which version of MuseScore was working correctly before you upgraded: a generic "MuseScore 3" is really not much help, and it would be much better to tell us (for example) "I was running MS 3.5.2 without problems, and then I tried to upgrade to MS 3.6.0".

And then you need to be more specific than "to no avail". Unless you tell us precisely what happens and what the error message is (if any), how can we guess?

There are plenty of kind folk here who are happy to advise you, but you can make things happen faster if you provide more info.

Without knowing a lot more, as mentioned, it's hard to do more than guess at what to do. But, my best suggestion is to first uninstall MuseScore from your system, then reboot, then download again from this website using the Download link above, and reinstall.

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