Where did 4 bars disappear?

• Feb 25, 2021 - 11:08

Hello there!
I have a PDF music sheet of Pull me under by Dream Theater. I converted the PDF to musicxml by using the free version of pdftomusic, but I could only export one page at time (because I have the trial version). Any way, the PDF is 6 pages, I exported 6 files and then wanted to put them together. So, I created a new tab and copied and pasted everything in the pdf-files. But I something was different, the original pdf have 200 bars while the version I created by putting together 6 pages have only 196 bars. I tried to know what was different, but I could not know.
Can you please tell my where did the 4 bars go? Maybe you can spot the difference.

Thanks in advanced.
I know many people want to convert PDF to xml, this is the link for pdftomusic pro:


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Still your's is not octave transposing and as such an octave too high (Electric Bass too is octave transposing by default, not sure how you cha nged instrument to that? Apparently not via right-click in the the staff, staff properties, as then it would be octave transposing)
Also you're is from 3.5.2, mine from 3.6.2, you may want to update

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