Playback dynamics

• Mar 1, 2021 - 18:37

I am learning how to adjust the playback dynamics using the dynamics palette. I assume the hairpins will adjust the playback volume easily as well. I know it is easy to adjust the overall volume with the sliders in the mixer. Is it possible to know the DEFAULT level of the volume of each instrument? i.e. Would they be set at a level of mF or p (piano) or f (forte)? I hope this question makes sense.


The default velocity is the same as the default one for mf
Haipins (by default) don't do anything without dynamics, at least one after the hairpin, but can get set to a certain velocity change via Inspector

I would suggest, though, that you not rely on the fact that today it just so happens to be the case that the default dynamic is mf. Just because MuseScore happens to play it that way today doesn't mean a real musician will do the same, or that it will play the same if you export it to another program, that MuseScore will play it the same tomorrow. if you care what dynamic is used, always add it explicitly.

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