Sound does not match name of instrument

• Mar 10, 2021 - 10:44

One of my instruments is a triangle. After a Time Signature change, the line is still labelled Triangle but plays the sound of a wood block. I have tried selecting a note and in Stave/Part properties used Change Instrument to Triangle (hoping it would play triangle, even though it was shown as selected) but it still plays wood block. How can I get it to play triangle?


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Thanks for looking at it. Perhaps you can note it as a bug.
Whilst you've got the score, can you offer a solution to another problem.
The vocal line is not really tied to specific notes, as a singer would expect. Hence it has been written as an Expression Text. The position of that text does not stay where I put it.
I can drag it to be central to the page it is on and save. When I next open it the position of the text will have moved and sometimes will have half of it on the next page.
Is there a different way of anchoring it?

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The triangle notes that sound like woodblocks were copied and pasted along the music from other triangle note groups that sound like triangles.
That is also how I am repairing them - by deleting the woodblock sounding notes and copy/paste from similar duration groups. It works.
Thanks for your interest.

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