Soundfont Issue

• Mar 24, 2021 - 00:27

I have been working with some really cool soundfonts for a few weeks now, however I am experiencing an issue with them. When I add a note to a timpini, for example, it gives me a trumpet sound, and whenever I add a note to another instrument, it sounds like another instrument. Is there a way to solve this problem? Is it the soundfonts' fault or my fault? Here is an example of a soundfont I have been using that is an example of the issue I'm dealing with:


If the soundfont file you are using is not an Standard General MIDI soundfont file, you have to know which internal patch number is used to the instrument sound you want to use.

Example: The Standard General MIDI patch number to the trumpet sound is 56. BUT... There are a lot of soundfont files that don't follow that rule. So... You could have a soundfont file which has the trumpet sound in the patch number 24 (which is a Guitar sound in the Standard General MIDI list).

Unfortunately... This a a reality.

ALSO... Be so careful about a very important point: The final sound you get is about the one you can read INSIDE the instrument box in the MuseScore Mixer channel you are using.

In other words: You could have an staff dedicated to the Timpani, but... If inside the Instrument box of that channel, in the MuseScore Mixer, says: "Trumpet"... Well, you finally will get the Trumpet sound instead the Timpani sound.

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MuseScore uses the General MIDI standard but that standard doesn't include all the instruments used on in orchestra. And the ones that are included are in a kind of random-seeming order. That's not the fault or MuseScore or of the person designing the soundont, it's just the way it is with General MIDI - it wasn't designed for orchestra music, really. So anyone creating a soundfont for orchestral music specifically needs to deviate form the standard in order to have anything usable. They'll need to add the missing instrument, add additional sounds for the instruments that are included (eg, muted brass other than trumpets, more types of cymbal sounds), etc. And if they want these sounds to be found in the Mixer, it will actually help to reannrage the existing sounds to be useful as well.

Anyone doing this specifically for MuseScore probably would also include a template that has this all set up for you so you don't need to mess with selecting things manually. And if I'm not mistaken, the soundfont you are talking about comes with a couple of them. Use that and things will be set up, and then if you want to customize from there you can, and you'll be happy they didn't stick to the General MIDI ordering.

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