Won't play after computer has slept

• Mar 29, 2021 - 22:06

I played a score several times, then let the computer sleep. When the computer woke, the score won't play. When I click the start/stop play button, the bottom status bar on the screen switches from "normal mode" to "play" but the score doesn't play.

If I restart MS, then it plays fine.

MS version 3.6.2, downloaded 2 days ago. Windows 10, brand new 2 days ago.


Yes, there have been reports about MuseScore being affected by this too.

Possible cure: toggle (off and back on) the MIDI button (in the toolbar, looks like a 5-poin DIN connector)

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An external audio device thus.

One of the issues here seems to be that your operating system (such as Windows) renumerates all audio devices when it wakes up from sleep mode; but doesn't do so transparently. This means that programs such as MuseScore aren't notified that the pointer they have to the pre-sleep-audio device is no longer available.

Try pressing the MIDI-button twice after wakeup to have MuseScore refresh its list of audio devices (or go into Edit > Preferences and press the Restart button there).

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So I have experimented with this.

  1. Get MuseScore playing using BT headphones.
  2. Put computer to sleep by closing laptop.
  3. Open laptop and wake up computer.
  4. MuseScore looks normal. Nothing grayed out.
  5. Hit playback arrow. No playback or progress bar.
  6. Hit restart in Preferences, I/O. No playback or progress bar. Nothing grayed out. This is not a surprise
    because the Apply button did not activate.
  7. It can be tricky to decide how may buttons to push because at some point, MuseScore goes into the No
    Response blue spinning wheel of death mode, from which it never recovers.
  8. Push the toggle midi button 3 times (why 3. No reason). Normal playback resumes.

Personally, while I have BT headphones and mouse, I don't really use them much because of these kinds of connection problems in general. But, that's just me.

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