Transposing instruments in a score in C

• Apr 25, 2021 - 20:11

With atonal music, the tradition of creating a score in C but parts in the correct transposition has been customary. However, there seems to be some inconsistencey with playback in MuseScore. I have a B-flat clarinet part, written in "C" in the score, but not playing back as intended. Any solutions?


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Yes, I see there is an "atonal" key signature. How is this different from a C major key signature in practice?
Of course, this doesn't seem to answer my question, exactly. The clarinet part in my score in C looks accurate, but it doesn't play back accurately (it automatically transposes the playback - e.g., an a-flat in appearance plays back as a g-flat). How can I fix this issue?

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The difference between C and atonal is how transposing instruments are handled. Both show no key signature when viewing with concert pitch on, but with concert pitch off, with C key signature, then an Eb alto saxophone part (for instance) will show three sharps when transposed. With atonal, it will continue to show no key signature. So, exactly what one would want when writing atonal music.

But I think you may be misunderstanding something. From what you describe, I think you simply don't have concert pitch set the way you want. I think you simply want the score in concert pitch mode - by turning on the concert pitch button. Then you can write what you want to hear. The parts will still be transposed.

As mentioned, if you continue to need help, just attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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