Command line, ignore specific instrument in a part

• May 26, 2021 - 09:23

Dear all,
in my score I have added some "Instruments" to a part in order to enable a specific effect (e.g. the metronome tick, or the sound of the conductor breathing in order to provide the Impuls signal to the orchestra) in the mp3 output. However, I want to exclude them from the PDF output.
A possible solution could be to maintain duplicate parts, one with and one without those additional instruments lanes, however it would be leading to inconsistencies in case of modifying one and not the other instance of the instrument part, and furthermore would be disturbing the visualisation..
An ideal approach would be to be able to specify which instruments in a part should be excluded.
Any advice ? Thankyou


Avoiding that inconsistency is what (linked) parts (like created via File > Parts) is all about.
You can, in that dialog, create Parts with more than one instrument.
And subsequently export these parts as separate PDFs

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