Common spacing issues in MS 3.6

• Jul 1, 2021 - 20:51

Here is a project showing most of the common spacing issues I have to correct, and how I correct them, when preparing my scores in MuseScore 3.6 There are six or seven issues shown, there are others, but these are what I see most often. I'm posting them all together here because I think the job of separating out different causes for different problems belongs to the MuseScore experts and not to me. Putting them together seemed more logical than reporting a bunch of separate issues not knowing what issues may be related. This is the Leland font, but the issues are not limited to that font. Thanks.



The case at bar 11 still looks wrong after correcting, because trying to move the note further left from "leading space -1.70" simply does not work (the value changes but the note doesn't move further left).

Thanks for this - hopefully this will help as we work on improvements to the spacing algorithm post-4.0.

A few of the issues you point out actually have simple workarounds, btw. For instance, your measure 16 would be improved by disabling autoplace for the Bb, and similarly for the C# in 17. That allows it to overlap the previous note. We really wanted to be able to do this by default but it turns out there is no way to reliably detect the stem direction of the previous note at the point where we need to decide on the spacing - the stem direction may depend on notes not yet processed in the case of beamed notes. So we couldn't avoid collisions with stems.

Also, I'm not sure I agree with your measure 3. The dot now looks like a staccato. Similar for bar 7, but to be sure there is too much space by default.

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