Notes randomly deleting

• Jul 14, 2021 - 22:36

Every time I save my score and reenter, the same notes each time have been deleted from the score and I have to reenter them into the score. This is made worse because it isn't just a file corruption (another recurring problem I have been having with this score recently), and because it isn't a file corruption (it simply deletes the note, it doesn't change the number of beats per measure) I don't get notified by musescore of the deleted notes and have to find them all myself. This is ridiculous. If it doesn't get fixed SOON I am going to find a different notation program.


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Sorry to hear you having trouble! I've never heard of this happening before, so in order for us to investigate and hopefully fix whatever the problem is, we would need your help to reproduce the problem. Since you say it happens every time, it should be a simple matter to show us how to reproduce the problem. just attach your score, tell us what notes we need to add and where and how you are adding them. Also any other steps that would be necessary in order for us to reproduce the problem 9like maybe if it only happens if you also transpose the score after adding the note,s or whatever).

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