System Text object Capo property not affecting linked tablature staff

• Jul 18, 2021 - 06:22

Should a System Text object with a Capo property affect all staves in the system, including a tablature staff?
That was my assumption, but it's not working in the attached score.

System Text - Capo setting.mscz



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  • see: #281799: Allow "Capo Settings" applied to one staff to affect all staves using the same instrument*

That request makes sense, that a capo setting could be allowed to affect all instruments. Subtle differences between the posts:

The OP requested that functionality with Staff Text. Which is completely reasonable.

My post points out that System Text capo properties don't affect the tablature staff, and I would think—by definition—they would do so.


In your attached file, where it says "System Text, Capo 7", are you sure you used System Text?
The Inspector shows it as Staff Text.

Also, right clicking on it also shows Staff Text:

System Text Properties does not have a Capo Settings tab:

That's why this request was for Staff Text functionality:

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It is staff text with the style of system text.

So why enter staff text and then change its style to system text?
(On the other hand, why enter system text and then change its style to staff text?)
The "look" (e.g.,font) is the same.

Entering the words "System Text, Capo 7" as staff text does make Capo Settings available, but that does not make it "real" system text (as you said).

The OP states: "System Text object Capo property [is] not affecting linked tablature staff"...
but "real" system text is not used at all. It is actually staff text - which is the issue discussed here:

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Jojo also wrote> Probably an erroneous attempt to turn a staff text (with capo settings) into a real system text

Yes indeed. Regardless of how I got there ... this was a gaffe on my part.

I thought the Inspector's Style control was a Type control, affording the option of retyping an object, such as transforming a Staff Text object into a System Text object. First, is there an option in Musescore to accomplish that?

Second, what is the purpose in changing a Staff Text object's style to System Text? Purely a matter of display with no functional impact?

And indeed there is no Capo property for System Text objects, and I can see how that could lead to an overzealous application of the setting on other staves of other instruments.

So I defer to the request that a capo property apply to all staves in an Instrument, unless explicitly overridden by at Staff Text capo setting.


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