Creating custom notes (Hi Hat Symbol)

• Jul 25, 2021 - 15:28

I notice that the default Open / closed Hi Hat symbols used in Musescore are different from those commonly found in much drum set notation and I wanted to ask about creating new "custom" note symbols to match the ones I'm more used to.

If you look at the PDF you will see the usual drum kit notation of:
Open Hi Hat is the "x" note but with a small circle above
Closed Hi-Hat is the "x" note but with a + sign above.
Where as in Musescore these 2 notes are seen as the "x" note placed on different lines of the stave.

When I tried to create a"customised" note to give me what I wanted I could find a way to add the circle or the + above an x note.

Does anyone know how to do this please (other than manually adding the circle or the + above every hi-hat note in a peice?!)

For questions of this nature, is here the best place to ask OR the forums (or BOTH?!)
Thanks again.

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> "here the best place to ask OR the forums"
Here == the forums...

You can't customize a drumset to automatically include symbols. But you can attach all of those symbols in one swoop after entering your notes.
Right-click (Ctrl-click on Mac) one of them and use Select > More > Same Pitch; then single click the desired symbol in the palettes or master palette.

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Hi Jeetee
Many thanks thats a decent workaround.

You say "Here == the forums..." but can I ask if a question like this goes to a specific place in the forums? Does a moderator "slot" them into the correct place perhaps?
For example I couldn't find a "how to.." forum that fitted this question.

Thanks again.

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