Double Harpsichord after Pascal Taskin (Soundfont / sf2)

• Jul 31, 2021 - 14:12

This is a double french harpsichord after Pascal Taskin.

original soundbank:

example piece:

All credit goes to Mr. René Berthault which uploaded this soundbank on the 9th of March 2008.
(I just made it a sf2 to be used with musescore)


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Well, I'm not using it to make any money nor to take credit for it.
I credited the person who made it. So if the person who originally posted the soundbank want me to take it down, i'll absolutely do it.

Tho i did try to find a email to do so but was unable to find one.

Update: > "It is forbidden to sell this sound bank or to insert the samples in any commercial application."
I'm not selling it nor using it for any commercial use

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The "update" is the laymans terms, not the actual license contents, which indeed plainly states "forbidden"; regardless of the intent or profit.
They also explicitly ask to share any mapping files with them and make sure that if you do put them in a soundbank you create it in such a way that the samples are not downgraded.

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I did make sure that the samples were not downgraded in any shape or form
tho as the website is pretty old, and when i tried to communicate with them i was hit with a 'brick wall'.
But, i can take this down if you guys want, really i dont have any problem with taking this down.

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Legally speaking it is quite cut and dry: you shouldn't be distributing it.

On the other hand, if you could not contact them at the given address and since the last publicity around it was 2008 one could argue that it is bordering on the verge of being abandonware. As your modification (packing it in sf2 format) seems not in direct violation of the intent of the distribution prevention argumentation provided on that site and your explicitly given willingness to take down the soundfont when/if the original author would utter any objection, I believe the chances of you facing any lawsuit over this are extremely slim.

Do keep in mind that I'm no lawyer and my assessment here has no legal grounds or value.

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