Persian Quarter Tones

• Aug 23, 2021 - 03:01


I have added 2 quarter tones, but its not playing it. I aapreciate your help.

Arsalan Hamidi

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Which plugin are you using? There are plugins that can do microtonal tuning, but you need to install and run them. See Download / Plugins in the menu aboe.

If you can't find one that works for these specific accidentals, you will need to tune the notes yourself via the Inspector.

Hi, I don't know if this is relevant:
I'm using the Accidental Tuner plugin for this.
It is working really well. You define once for all how should every accidental be played. And then you can apply it to your score.
The limitation is that those tuning corrections are not applied automatically. One must run the plugin each time you modify an accidental.

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This is the AccidentalTuner windows.

With the "Edit Settings..." you can define the behaviours of each accidentals (i.e. how they change the tuning)
With the "Apply Tunings" you can be apply those settings to your selection/score.

Once again, the limitation of MS approach is that the tuning is not automatically adapted. You must reapply the tuning corrections with AccicentalTuner after each change of alterations in your score.

PS: The plugin window might not look exactly like in my screenshot. The "Edit" and "Apply" buttons might not appear. It would be because the official plugin code has not a correct windows side. Try to enlarge the window manually or adapt its size in the plugin editor (I set it to width: 400/height: 350)

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