make a solid line to a frame

• Sep 14, 2021 - 14:42

Hi all,
Although I've searched I could not find how to make solid the line of a frame + change colour and thickness.
The INSPECTOR, which for me was the natural interface to look at, doesn't contain such a feature.
Thanks for your help,


To be clear (well, as clear as possible anyhow): the word "frame" means two totally different things in MuseScore.

A text frame (or vertical or horizontal frame) is just a container to place things in - it has no actual border. Sure, they display with a border on screen so you can see them, but that's just for show, kind of like how system breaks show on screen so you can tell where they are, but they aren't "real".

A piece of text like staff text or whatever can also have a "frame" as one of its properties that you set in the Inspector. That is an actual visible border. It's present by default for rehearsal marks, off by default for everything else, but you can change that easily. This "frame" has nothing to do with the other "frame: that is just a container to place text in.

Should you happen to want both types of frame at once, you can have it, just create your text frame, add the text, then select the text and enable its frame property in the Inspector.

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