Yet another MIDI input issue

• Sep 18, 2021 - 21:53

So I have scored the forum and Google for solutions and I'm out of luck. The issue is that I'm away from my studio and my portable USB Midi keyboard is not triggering any MIDI in MuseScore whatsoever.

To save everyone the obvious questions:
- keyboard was plugged in before launching MS
- Midi input is ON
- Midi input for note entry is ON
- Keyboard DOES show up (sometimes) in Prefs. However much of the time when I apply changes and then re-enter the Preferences both Input and Output fields are often BLANK. Currently, the there is NOTHING in the pull-down menu for input and output (quitting MuseScore, unplugging and re-plugging the keyboard and relaunching MuseScore DID allow the keyboard to be selected in Preferences, but still no joy)
- Resetting MIDI / Audio drivers has no effect
- Restarting the computer and making sure no DAW is active has no effect
- Turning on Note input and pressing Middle C has no effect, even on a brand-new piano score
- Keyboard works perfectly in Ableton, Logic etc.
- My other keyboards in my studio DO work (or let's say, up to this point HAVE worked), in fact I've been able to set up a Midi loop so that I can trigger high-quality VSTs in Ableton Live from MuseScore, which is super sweet (when it's working!)

I'm on a Mac OSX 10.15.7. Keyboard is a Korg nanoKey2

So..... am I missing something dumb or is MuseScore known to be unstable when it comes to MIDI? What else can I try? I suppose I could revert my preferences to default but man that's going to be a real bummer...


Update: After an unfortunate hour of tinkering, I've backed up the preferences (~/Library/Preferences/org.musescore.MuseScore3.plist), deleted them (according to…) reloaded MuseScore (no joy), then I clicked the "reset factory" button, reset my MIDI I/O, reselected my keyboard, then made a change to another tab in Prefs (I read somewhere that if your MIDI settings don't "take" for whatever reason you should switch to another tab and make a meaningless change and Apply). Lo! MIDI input appears to be back in business.

I don't know whether the MIDI engine is up for overhaul in V4, but this has been really my only source of frustration with this lovely app.

Any other suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!

Tom from Canada

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Update #2: It's still a disaster. After about half an hour of more-or-less working, after adding a few new instruments, changing MIDI channels and switching between open applications, keyboard input if no longer working and what's worse - my current score no longer plays (via the MIDI loop to Ableton).

I'm going to quit for now, and hope that some intrepid soul out there has some additional things to try (please do read my first post to see what I've already tried!)

Thanks fellow Muses!

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