Brackets spans cannot be changed in each individual system

• Oct 12, 2021 - 14:18
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I have been working on making my own piano sonata, and after struggling to introduce an Ossia section, I have noticed that the brackets have been extended to the third staff/stave (image 2), when in a perfect world the brackets should look like image 1. I tried changing the bracket span, but then a three-staff/stave section in the 3rd movement broke (image 3 is what it looks like normally, image 4 is what happens when I change the bracket span). I also can't use system breaks to solve images 1/2, because the bar before is a long cadenza. This isn't a critical issue, I'm just wondering.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a score with three staffs/staves.
2) Extend the brackets to cover the third measure and change some of the measures to invisible in Measure Properties or fill the score with notes as described above, and then go to Style > Score > Hide empty staves within systems.
3) cry i guess (joke)

If you know a work around, then thank you because otherwise the 4th movement is going to give me pain.
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The current behavoir is not a bug, but rather by design. And there's the workaound ;-)
Also you don't need to hide individual measures, just mark the staff as being an Ossia in its properties

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Hi there! I know this is almost two years old, but could you please let me know how this editing of individual brackets is done? I have basically the same problem (Added a third staff mid-score, and I want the brackets to only span the staves that are visible at a given point). I saw the example posted, but I can't reproduce it, as altering one bracket moves all the others (also, if you could adapt the solution to 4.0, that would be great!) Thanks!!