Beaming Over Rests

• Oct 17, 2021 - 22:39

I have to rewrite part of the Nielson Clarinet Concerto reduction, but MuseScore won't allow me to beam over 32nd/16th rests. I regularly use the beam start and beam middle features, but they don't do anything here. I've attached an example measure from the sheet music I'm using, and the same measure from my MuseScore version.


Is there a way to change the page Style so that this is done automatically? There's a rhythmic motif that frequently appears in a piece I'm engraving ("My Moscow" by Dunayevsky) that features beaming over a rest and I'd like to not have to change every single on manually. (Apologies in advance for the low quality of the scan.)

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Not currently, although such this and other improvements to the beaming rules are being considered for the future.

Meanwhile, be aware you can define a shortcut (via Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts) for the various beaming commands, so it is be but a single keystroke immediately after enter the rest to do this currently. Also, if you already have a score that isn't set up this way and you want to convert it, you can try things like right-clicking one eighth rest, Select / More / Same duration, then apply "beam middle" to all at once. Or depending on the exact effect desired, you might do "Same beat" instead / in addition. Might take two or three passes but still you do an entire second in just a few seconds.

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