Palettes not working

• Oct 18, 2021 - 10:29

Can any one please provide some advice?
A brand new lap top has been purchased with Windows 10 installed. After a new installation of Musescore 3, the programme opens up/reads previous musescore files, however, the palette tool does not work. i.e. these earlier scores cannot be edited. In addition, the palette tool does not work with new projects. Musescore has been uninstalled and reinstalled, plus the laptop restarted, but the palettes still do not work.
Is Musescore 3 compatible with Windows 10?
Does anyone please have a solution to this issue. The matter is rather urgent. Thank you.


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Your operating system should have controls somewhere to allow you to update the graphics driver. For instance, on Windows, I think it's something in "system properties". If you do a web search for "update drivers" plus your particular OS and version (eg, Windows 10, macOS 11, Ubuntu 18, etc), you should find instructions.

Unusual that this would happen with a brand new laptop, but yeah, it seems it came with very old graphics drivers for reason. If there are no updated graphics drivers available, there are workarounds to get modern programs to run with older graphics drivers, the key will be to get Windows 10 to define a particular environment variable. But let's hope the updated graphics driver work before we go there.

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