Add "changes to all staves" facility.

• Oct 18, 2021 - 16:47

Something that would be of use to me is if there was a way to broadcast the chord symbols to all (selected) parts.

So, I would add the changes to a part and then invoke a command to copy only the changes to all other selected pars.

This may be useful to many. :)


It occurs to me a plugin could probably automate this pretty simply.

Meanwhile, as you may be aware, it's possible to copy the chord symbols to all staves already by right-clicking one, Select / All Similar Elements in Same Staff, Ctrl+C to copy, then click the first note/rest of the destination staff, Ctrl+V to paste. Having to do it one staff at a time is the part I could see the plugin especially helping with, but if you aren't already aware you can do, hopefully it helps - it ends up taking only a few extra seconds.

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