Inserting notes with accidentals

• Oct 17, 2021 - 20:02

My score is in G major with a Bb accidental quaver. I wish to replace this by two semiquavers, a Bb and a C. When I go into Note input mode, and enter the first semiquaver, it assumes that I want to input a B natural, and I wonder whether it would be possible to allow an option to retain, as a default, the existing accidental. (The alternative of changing the quaver to a semiquaver, dropping its pitch by a semitone, and then inputting a C, takes longer)


When you enter a new note the expectancy is that you'll enter the new pitch. So after entering note input mode, enable the flat (either through toolbar or shortcut) before entering the note and you'll directly enter the desired pitch.

However, since you wish to shorten the existing note you could use the 'Q' shortcut, which halves the selected note duration (outside of note input mode). During note input mode it halves the duration of the just entered note.

I understand your comments but I don't retract from my original question - for me, it would always be quicker (marginally perhaps but this happens a lot) to assume the existing accidental. At the moment when you've input the first note the focus shifts to the second note, so you have to backtrack. Isn't the most likely expectation when doubling the notes like this that the new first semiquaver will be the same pitch as the existing quaver?

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Actually, I'd say no, if I'm replacing a quarter with note with two eighths, it's at least likely to be two completely unrelated notes. If the goal truly was to shorter the first note rather than actually replace, hit Q as suggested, rather than entering a completely new note. That actually saves a keystroke, since you don't need to also select the new duration. Exactly two keystrokes to achieve your original goal: "Q C". QED!

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To repeat: My aim is to replace a single B flat quaver with: a B flat semiquaver followed by a different semiquaver note. Rather than use keystroke shortcuts (which I can never remember) I'd just like to ask whether the input of a note on the B line could be automatically interpreted as a Bb purely because there is already a B flat there. Then, the second of the semiquavers (on which the focus lies) is adjustable with the up or down arrow. One click and one arrow, that's all!

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Sorry, I thought the goal was to do this more efficiently, hence the suggestion of the keyboard shortcut. If Q & W to shorten / lengthen are hard to remember, you can customize them however you like in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

If the goal is not to be more efficient, then indeed there are other alternatives too, such as clicking the duration icon to change duration instead of using the shortcut. Then enter the other note however you like. Either way, the key here is, don’t re-enter the note - just change it’s duration. There are multiple ways to do just about anything in MuseScore!

You wrote:
My score is in G major with a Bb accidental quaver. I wish to replace this by two semiquavers, a Bb and a C.

Try this...
Click on the Bb and press 3 to get a Bb semiquaver (retains the existing flat). Then right arrow and press C.
While Q can be used to halve the note's duration (and also retain the flat), pressing the number shortcut (in this case 3 for semiquaver) will work for other values.

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