Issues connecting Casio ctk 3000 to Musescore

• Oct 21, 2021 - 09:32

This issue was already discussed in the following forum:
Unfortunatly, none of the suggestions work for me.

I have a Casio ctk 3000 which I use with Musescore on Windows 10, and follow these instructions:

  1. Connect USB cable to PC (largely tested with Piano Marvel App and it works perfectly)
  2. Turn on the keyboard
  3. Turn on the computer
  4. Start Musescore
  5. Set up a new sheet and configure Musescore following this tutorial:
  6. In the Musescore Preferences >> I/O >> Audio port there show up several APIs and Devices to select from, but none of the possible combinations makes my midi input show anything (field stays empty).

The API options in the preferences are:
MME --> Devices: Microsoft sound mapper, Microphon, Loudspeaker
Windows DirectSound --> Devices: Primary sound controller, Microphon, Loudspeaker
ASIO --> Devices: empty field
Windows WASAPI --> Devices: Microphon, Loudspeaker
Windows WDM-KS --> Devices: Microphon, Stereomixer, Speakers

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The options you mention are for the audio dropdowns. What about the MIDI ones (immediately below)?

If they are empty, this suggests your keyboard might not have a 64-bit driver. See if you can get one from the manufacturer. If not, then try installing the 32-bit version of MuseScore.

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Many thanks Mr Sabatella for your kind reply.
I thought, I had mentionned that they were simply empty.
Finally, I SOLVED the issue. I shall briefly comment for others.

First, I apdated each and evevy optional update in Windows, even those who apparently were not related.
This solved the problem. Still, it is a real issue to get the keyboard connected, probably due to a poor memory card or other performance issues of my All-in-One Lenovo. Unfortunatly, this computer has reaches it s limits of potential.

So, technically the issue is solved, but it s not really practicable (it often looses the connection).
Now, I just connect my keyboard to another computer, and there is absolutly no problem.

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