How to connect a MIDI keyboard

• Jan 2, 2010 - 03:41

How do you connect a MIDI keyboard to be able to put in the notes and duration into Musescore?


Midi keyboard is useful to enter pitches in MuseScore. You can't enter duration with it.
You plug it to your computer, open MuseScore and be sure that the MIDI connector button near the control bar is on.

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I cannot set MuseScore up to use my MIDI Keyboard to enter notes...

my system is:

- Mac OS X SNOW LEOPARD 10.6.2
- MuseScore 0.9.5
- MOTU microlite USB/MIDI interface (drivers are installed and working, all other music applicaitons see it)
- a MIDI keyboard connected to the channel 2 of the microlite

When I click the "enable MIDI input" button in MuseScore, and I press any key on my MIDI keyboard, nothing happens...

Where do I mistake!?
Thanks a lot

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thanks, it doesn't work, and of course I tried both with the big "N" button on and off...
but then, I discovered something really strange:

I can insert notes with my contol surface!
it's a Behringer BCF2000:

connected to my mac via USB..
well, when on MuseScore, the MIDI button is "on", if I touch any of the faders or start/stop buttons on the BCF, new notes are inserted in MuseScore!!!

What I need, is a place, in preferences, where I can tell MuseScore NOT to read MIDI datas from the BCF, but from the MOTU microlite..
but actually I cannot find such a menu.
Probably MuseScore is not ready yet, in his develop, to be used in a "complex" home recording studio, as mine...
I'm just trying to kick Finale away from my mac (I hate it)

anyway... do you know if there's such a menu?


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I use a Casio CTK-3000, and I've plugged it in with the usb, and made sure the MIDI connector was on, and even toggled the note input on and off, but it doesn't work. Is my keyboard not compatible with the program, or am I doing something wrong?

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Hello! Having same problem with Casio CTK-2080.

When I enter musescore after turning on the piano, and go to a score, I can hear playback just fine in the instrument I've selected (pressing keys on the piano gives a sound on the piano and from musescore, obviously no notes get written down).

When I enter Step-Time entry however, I can no longer hear any playback from musescore and no notes are entered.

When I enter one of the real-time entry methods, I can enter notes on the first beat. In the automatic, every note pressed is added on top of the others. In manual, pressing a key(s) places the note(s) and deletes what was there before. For instance, in auto playing C-E-G melodically gives a C, then a C and E, and then the full triad. In manual the same process gives a C, then just an E, then just a G.

Anyway, in real-time I can enter notes on the first beat but can't advance to the next beat, and if I arrow key to any other beats, I can't enter any notes. This may be me not understanding real-time entry, but still, step-time doesn't work at all.

I do have midi input highlighted, btw. Any help is greatly appreciated. I just bought a usb cable to connect after having both the keyboard and musescore for so long!!!

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It sounds like your keyboard is failing to send "note off" messages when the key is released - it is the release of a key that actually triggers MuseScore to notate. Consult the manual for the keyboard to see if there is a way to get it to send these. Really, all keyboards should do this by default, but I guess maybe some don't.

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I see this is very old but it just helped me. No way I could get my midi keyboard to play notes and I had it working before! Your comment about the midi button did the trick! First time I had actually clicked it myself in a similar quandary figuring "why not" - it looks like a connector.! Belated Thanks

As I see, it's not possible, at the moment, to configure on which port MuseScore recieves MIDI data...
So I think it will be a great update for the developers to add such a function!


Well my musescore doesn't recognize AKAI pro LPK25 and have no idea what to do.
LPK software installed (LPK editor is showing up but thats about it.
Running Win XP

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