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• Aug 29, 2009 - 09:06
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MuseScore 0.9.5 on winxp sp3 with the ROMI/O by ESI usb midi interface. Installed drivers for the usb midi interface, and it works perfectly in finale (2009), where it's named: "1-RoMI/O MIDI".

I installed PmDefaults, and it sees the following devices:
Default input: 1 [MMSystem]
Default output: M [MMSystem]

When playing my keyboard, the green light in PmDefaults flashes, so I guess this bit works also.

However, in MuseScore nothing happens when I play my keyboard. (and yes: the midi input button is 'on')


I took another look to PortMidi and PmDefault and apparently the portmidi version included in MuseScore ignores the setting of PmDefault, and send back the first interface found. I guess you are in the case where your interface is not the first one.

A new revision of pmwin.c on portmidi SVN includes the registry read, but I'm not sure how PortMidi code has been changed in MuseScore and how I should merge it with the new changes in PortMidi.
Here is the new code:

Of course, a better solution would be to be able to select the midi in interface from MuseScore.

Title midi input not detected Ability to choose MIDI input interface

On Mac and Windows, only the first interface detected can be used.
A combo in preferences->I/O to choose the right interface would be great.
Don't know how it fits with AlsaMidi.

I added two functions in pm.cpp.
One to list the available interfaces in input throught PortMIDI.
Another one to find the deviceId based on the name of the interface.
The interface name could be save in preferences and the deviceId retrieve on startup in case the MIDI device have been plugged differently.
I don't want to mess up the preferences panel if some OS don't use Portaudio...
Any suggestions?


I was the one who filed this initial request, and I'm following this development with great interest.

I just hope that the "Any suggestions?" remark at the end is not meant for me..? Because I'm reading with great interest, but I don't understand everything, and certainly have no suggestions... :-)

Best regards,