Fast copy/paste feature with ALT/Option key + click (Sibelius style)

• Oct 21, 2021 - 21:17

Hi all,

I'm a Sibelius user for many years and now I'm evaluating Musescore. I miss a fast copy feature using the ALT key and click, or it works differently:

Select a measure or a part of a measure, then hold ALT+click on the new measure and it is copied and pasted! No need to use CTRL+C or CTRL+V.

Is a similar feature also available in Musescore? If not, I'd like to create a feature request.



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No such feature exists, seems to be something unique to Sibelius as I've never heard of any other program doing this. You're not the first to request it, so perhaps someday.

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I have also wished for this feature, as a Sibelius emigre I must say it is one of the few things I really miss. Any object or range of objects can be selected, then click elsewhere with the option key down and that object or range of objects is instantly replicated (attached to the new measure or note or whatever that you just clicked upon).

It's the exact same process as copying then pasting but it speeds up whole swaths of score entry in a big way. +1 for this suggestion.

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